through the development of a Rulebook designed to provide guidance for NHRA activities, participants, and member tracks. NHRA's wide variety of racing series. download a Rulebook · Link to NHRA Rulebook (requires NHRA Membership login) Series Rulebook. Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Rulebook Supplement. Basic NHRA Safety Rules. All cars must meet NHRA Rules and pass technical inspection. This is general information only and you should always refer to the.

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Basic NHRA Safety Rules v This is general information only and you should always refer to the current "Official NHRA Rule Book". Street Cars. Part of NHRA's mission is to preserve the right to race. In many impose muffler rules and noise regulations beyond those required by the NHRA Rulebook. NHRA RULE BOOK PDF file resgoderfita.ml editions/Rulebook/_NHRA_Rulebook/pubData/source/.

Well then my Son wanted it, then friends and so on.

So I dressed it up and here it is. There are links to NHRA. With over 80, drivers in its rosters, the NHRA is one of the largest motorsports sanctioning bodies in the world. The association was founded by Wally Parks in in the State of California to provide a governing body to organize and promote the sport of drag racing.

Typical for the era, this race was held on a World War II-constructed training air field.

The national event series the "Nationals" , which now comprise 22 events each year, are the premier events in drag racing that bring together the best cars and drivers from across North America.

In the wake of Eric Medlen 's death, the roll bars in a Funny Car underwent modifications to further improve safety. They are padded with thick insulation and coated with several layers of Nomex to prevent the padding from catching fire during an engine explosion. Another facility safety feature is the large sand pit at the end of the track past an area of the track known as the "shutdown area", also known as a "sand trap".

National Hot Rod Association

Anchors for any arresting netting must be buried underground with no obstructing posts. Some of the newest safety features deal with the tracks themselves. In the wake of Kalitta's death, there are now heavily padded retaining walls at the end of the sand traps.

These walls are able to withstand the impact of a vehicle traveling at well over the usual speed of any division within the NHRA's professional categories. These retaining walls take the place of the old rubber polymer safety nets that were once held up with concrete posts. Another safety modification was a direct result of Kalitta's death.

The NHRA began installing a sensor that constantly checks the car's engine, and should the car backfire at any time during the race, or if the burst panel is blown out by an engine explosion, the fuel pump shuts off and the parachutes are deployed automatically. Although several drivers in the Top Fuel and Funny Car divisions have stated their dislike for the new sensor, they do admit that it should cut down on any fatal crashes similar to Kalitta's.

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It was implemented at the start of the season. The sensor is used only in the Funny Car and Top Fuel divisions. Pro Stock doesn't use nitromethane or superchargers in their engines and this presents a much reduced risk of the massive explosions that can be seen in the nitromethane-fueled cars—and often at their peak speeds. Prior to the late s, fans could station themselves up to the guardrails so they could be closer to the action. One of the newest safety requirements came after a near fatal crash at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas , when John Force 's car experienced a severe case of tire shake which, coupled with the release of his parachutes, ripped his car cleanly in two directly behind the engine.

This frame failure exposed him to severe injury with no body or frame in front of his feet, as the severely damaged vehicle ground to a halt. The rules now prevent the use of hardened chrome moly tubing in the framework construction of any Top Fuel or Funny Car.

The track length for nitromethane-powered vehicles funny cars and fuel dragsters has been reduced to 1, feet meters , to reduce the likelihood and severity of blower and engine explosions and fires at or above miles per hour. According to , if your car can top , you my friend must have a parachute.

From my experience, where most first-timers run into trouble is when it comes to roll bars and cages.

Camper Shell Compatibility Chart

Personally, every car I build gets a full five or six point roll cage with rhino bars covering the doors. However, not all cars require them.

Regulations and cover this issue. If your car is capable of running between flat and Any convertible running between 11 and Roll cages are mandatory for any car either running Cars that run between 7. The result of this certification is a serial number sticker being affixed. There are many more requirements covering roll cages, roll bars, and their associated and required padding.

These are found in , , and All of these are classified as safety regulations. Regulation covers seats and states that they must be properly braced and framed. Seats must also be supported and constructed of fiberglass, carbon fiber, double-layer poly, or aluminum.

350Z Roll Cage

This regulation also states that the use of magnesium in the interior sheetmetal is forbidden as it burns easily and is next to impossible to put out. Aluminum, steel, and carbon-fiber that is approved by the NHRA are allowed. Any full-bodied car that rubs or faster or can turn 7. The car must also be equipped with seatbelts.


You must also possess the minimum level of liability insurance required by your state of residence. Some tracks may require more, such as a driver safety class. If your car is capable of going 9.

There are also driver clothing requirements. Minimum clothing requirements include long pants, socks, and shoes with closed toes—no sandals. Clothing made of nylon is forbidden.

You may also have to have a helmet and other safety equipment.These standards can also change from track to track. The five point safety harness is required for all vehicles.

Although several drivers in the Top Fuel and Funny Car divisions have stated their dislike for the new sensor, they do admit that it should cut down on any fatal crashes similar to Kalitta's. The rear tires of the car, which are called slicks due to the fact that there is no tread on them, are specified with safety considerations in mind. Once you turn on the pre-stage beam you accept both dial-in's right or wrong!

In the event of an even number, the chosen bye will NOT carry the bye into the next round of competition.

Some of the newest safety features deal with the tracks themselves.