In the New York Times bestselling sequel to Soman Chainani's debut, The School for Good and Evil, Sophie and Agatha are back in Gavaldon, living out their. Start by marking “A World Without Princes (The School for Good and Evil, #2)” as Want to Read: See all 16 questions about A World Without Princes. YA Buddy Readers': A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani - Restarting November 20th Best friends Sophie and Agatha return to the spectacular world where the only way out of a fairy tale is to live through one. Together, they have the strength to.

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Sophie Makes a Wish. There is an uneasiness that remains after your best friend tries to kill you. But as Agatha gazed out at her and Sophie's golden statues. A World Without Princes The School for Good and Evil Series, Book 2 (eBook): Chainani, Soman: It's all happy ever after in the School for Good and Evil or is. The School for Good and Evil A World without Princes by Soman Chainani When best friends Sophie and Agatha return to a fairy tale world, they find that old.

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A World Without Princes

The red hooded men catch up to them, but they fall into a field of flowers where Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey find them. They tell the girls that one of them has made a wish and has caused their story's original ending to be erased. Sophie denies making a wish, but Agatha couldn't lie and admits that she was longing for a prince. The two are also informed that Tedros has now become the School Master. The only way to avoid war is for Agatha to pick either Sophie, or Tedros.

If she picks Sophie, they can go home. If she picks Tedros, Sophie will go home. Either way, everything will be back to normal. But they must get their hands on the Storian to write "The End" and make their wishes of being together. If not, a war will start between boys and girls. The meeting is interrupted by Evelyn Sader , Professor Sader's half sister.

She introduces herself as the Dean of the School for Girls. She takes them to the Welcoming, where the girls perform a dance for them and present them with gifts.

Sophie begins to think that this is the world that they deserve, whilst Agatha disagrees. The girls then rip off their veils, showing familiar faces, even if they have changed. Agatha speaks to Hester, Anadil and Dot, who all tell her that the only way to fix everything is for her to kiss Tedros.

Despite the fact that the three witches hate boys, they still believe that boys are necessary and it is unfair to neglect them. Hester also wants to be class captain at the School for Evil, which is impossible when the school doesn't exist.

Agatha reluctantly agrees to go see Tedros.

The School for Good and Evil #2: A World Without Princes

While in class, Agatha sees Tedros as a spirit, he tells her to cross the halfway bridge to visit him. She informs Hester , Anadil and Dot. She also tells them she saw a wart forming on Sophie, leading them to believe that Sophie is turning into a witch. Their suspicions grow as Sophie kills a phantom pigeon in class when she fails to become human again. Because she gets very low scores during the day, she and Dot are required to guard the Girl's Gates.

Agatha discovers that the bridge has been destroyed but still tries to cross it due to her faith in Tedros. She goes up to the School Master's tower after being captured. Unknown to her friend, Sophie follows Agatha, transmogrifying into a bird to get to the School for Boys.

A mogrif shield laced around the school hinders her and sends Sophie in a pit full of snakes. As Aric and the others charge, she uses the snakes' skins to make an invisibility cape. Tedros and Agatha are left seemingly alone, despite Sophie's presence, and begin to talk. While both are happy to see the other, Tedros is worried Agatha is deceiving him and that Sophie is there.

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Agatha desperately tries to convince him she is there alone. Before Tedros and Agatha kiss, he tells her choosing him isn't enough this time and Sophie must die. The two begin to argue. Angry, Tedros claims she let Sophie into the tower because only witchcraft could let her cross the bridge. Finding the pair in the tower, Sophie fires a shot in between them-Tedros thinking it was Agatha, and vice versa.

Sophie Makes a Wish

Agatha quickly escapes to the School for Girls, finding Sophie sleeping peacefully. Fired up, Tedros makes Aric open the shield surrounding the schools to recruit the ex-princes outside. He sends a letter to the Dean declaring war. It states that a Trial will be held.

If the girls win, the boys will become their slaves. If the boys win, Sophie and Agatha would be handed over and publicly executed.

Agatha vows to pick Sophie because she believes her friend is good. Agatha admits that she thought that Tedros shot a pink spell. Agatha tells Hester that Sophie didn't have a wart, but Hester is convinced. During their conversation, Sophie appears and says to Agatha that if they were together the witch inside her will be dead. To the Readers' surprise, the Dean agrees to the terms.

Meanwhile, Sophie, Agatha and the three witches devise a plan to sneak into the School for Boys. They find Yuba and he turns Sophie into a boy due to her winning a challenge. The point of the plan is that Sophie, who chooses to go by Filip, will be close enough to the tower to search for the Storian and when she finds it, she and Agatha can wish for each other and escape home.

Filip heads to the school, pretending to be a prince from another kingdom competing for the price on the girls' heads. She ends up stuck in the dungeons with Tedros and at first, the two don't get along at all.

A World Without Princes

Tedros is suffering, both physically and emotionally. Aric whips and tortures him daily and Tedros is still clearly affected by Agatha's "betrayal" in the tower. Eventually, Filip starts to soften and her feelings for him start to re bloom. Meanwhile ,Tedros feels as if he has found his first true friend in Filip. Sophie completely neglects searching for the Storian and realizes she wasted all the time she had.

Tedros chooses Filip to accompany him in the Trial. During this time, Agatha is in the School for Girls. She is clearly conflicted when it comes to choosing Sophie, since she keeps having dreams about Tedros and even realizes she is still wishing for him.

There are also several missing pieces, such as the pink spell she saw in the tower, the snakeskin cap underneath Sophie's bed, and a spirik mark on her arm.

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But she doesn't piece any of it together until later during the trial. Agatha is also trying to find out what Evelyn Sader has planned.

She has just come to the realization that Sophie had been in the tower.This leaves the students of the schools in chaos as they realize the teachings about Good and Evil being incapable of friendship were untrue. Whereas Agatha wants nothing to do with fame, Sophie puts on many shows.

Meanwhile, Sophie, still disguised as Filip, stays with Tedros.

Unfortunately for Agatha, Sophie is taking advantage of this opening. People praised them, asked for autographs and even built them statues. Sophie shoved Agatha music. Then King Arthur attacks Lancelot.

However they became old news and even though Agatha was ok with this, Sophie refused to settle into normal life. She turned to find her friend studying her.