Synopsis: After losing Terrence, her first love, to an illness, Shay begins to believe that she can't fall in love again. She holds on to a sketch of Terrence'. Read Prologue from the story Take Two: A Place in Time Book 2 (PUBLISHED ) by j_harry08 (Jessica Concha) with reads. teenfiction, take, jessica . I never cried so much like this reading just a single book I've already known how the story ago · Add your answer · See 2 questions about A Place in Time.

A Place In Time Book 2

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A Place in Time and millions of other books are available for site site. Learn more . See all 2 images .. This book is short stories set in Port William. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up—Kate has a sense of urgency now . Who, at what age, goes to which time and place? And how many . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In Finney's wonderful cult classic Time and Again he becomes curious about the future and returns to the present to check on it. Sketches and photographs make the time and place come alive.

One great love transcends a lifetime. I even imagined that the first and second book of this story will be published as one. But still, this published book,eventhough, it has only the first part of the story, was beyond my imagination.

I can't believe that it still has the APIT feels. But this book just feels.. Eventhough, it is translated in English, I still have the same feeling or emotions for Shay and Terrence and the book itself just like years ago. Kudos Ate Jess! Jun 25, Edmund Cejas rated it it was amazing. It was a great story.

It was narrated on a very simple and readers can relate to it. The book seemed to allowed the readers to time-travel into their high school life. The story was sad since the male lead character, unfortunately, passed away. It's just that it failed to make me cry, I can't pinpoint the exact reason. But, yes, it affected me on some ways.

I felt sad, but, again, it didn't made me cry. I am a big fan of Jessica Concha, she's a good writer and I've read most of her works. I love It was a great story. I love her stories and A Place In Time wasn't an exception. Dec 27, Lizette Ombac rated it liked it Shelves: This is a good book.

Bloodbound, Book 2

I like the flow of the story but it looks like that it lacks with emotions. I love it's tragic ending, though it's a typical cliche but I really don't feel the feeling within the scenario that Terence is going to die.

I also like the message the writer tries to imply but it fells like it's like it lacks with expression. However, I'm looking forward for another J. Concha's book. Nov 15, Blesie rated it really liked it Shelves: A simple yet touching story,, in the end nagpipigil nanaman ako ng iyak habang patapos ko na siyang binabasa: Dec 19, Ely rated it it was amazing. I miss TKQ. Nov 26, Nix rated it it was amazing Shelves: I still find myself crying everytime I reread it, especially the ending.

Nov 26, Marion Dalangpan rated it it was amazing.

Nov 17, Yanna Valle rated it it was amazing. Nawawalan na ng sense ang Filipino literature pero mga librong ganito ang nagsasalba. One of my favorite Wattpad books. Ugh, can't wait to read this in paperback version. Grabe, I'll keep on missing Terrence, because that keeps him alive. Nov 25, evee rhz rated it it was amazing Shelves: I read this story on the internet a couple of years back and I will never forget it..

Concha for having able to publish her heartwarming work. Nov 25, hagen rated it it was amazing. I really love the story especially the character of terrence. He will always forever in my heart. Aug 20, pattthereader rated it it was amazing. This book has a vibe of me before you of jojo moyes, same when the leading man in the died but the guy in this book has a heart problem.

Also this book makes me cry. Feb 26, Ysabel Arada rated it really liked it. Dec 04, crizangel rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved it! I've been a teentalker since and have read multiple stories in the creative corner, but surely, Jessica's captured my heart with criss cross and I was planning to read it again until I came across this.

It surprised me how much I've missed teentalk. And believe me, I'm no longer a teenager but I totally loved this story! I don't even know how to describe it. I think I can relate with Shaylie And there came Terrence, this mysterious, snob, geeky guy. I love their interactions and their chemistry.

Terrence is definitely not the mushy type and he have his own angst against the world but you can't help but love the guy. The thing is Starting to get better when it comes to the relationship between Terrence and Shay, Tjay and Ran but it seems like it all came crashing down right away. I mean I felt the pain and the sadness about the ending A chapter or two more maybe would've made it more perfect.

But other than that, I don't have any complains. I connected to the characters, laughed, smiled, my heart broke and it was so good. I am so looking forward to the next book I can't resist a good book. Apr 08, Edlyn Blanch Maegan Alog rated it it was amazing. This is really my thing! This book is exactly what I want. At first it's fun as the love story grows further. But then in the end something unexpected will occur that will make me cry hard.

And though it something that wouldn't really make them really end up with one another, all is well because there's book 2. I really love Terrence that's why I can't let go of him in the end.

I can't believe he has to go just like that.

I know he's tired but I kind of expected he would fight more. Help was just on the way but he went off to where he's supposed to go.

But I guess it was meant to happen for all of us to witness something even better which would be shown on book 2.

Overall, it was so great that it had managed to carve a special place in my heart. The BEST! Jun 01, Yuan Calina rated it really liked it. I like Shaylie's character. How she expects things, how she reacts on what happened. I can feel her emotions.

For me he's a naughty-mysterious guy, and I don't like it that much. I mean, he says nothing. He's just gonna smile and then thats it! I like him.. It's just He has potential. And that potential is kept until in the end. His character is so beautiful. The beautiful flower didn't open in the story. I was shocked when he revealed that he has this, when he was like that, like this happened. But the way Terrence 'storytell' that he has like that, that it was fatal.

I feel their emotions but the whole story? I can feel it. It's just it didn't reached me. So, the other scenes were.. But I'm pretty sure, I enjoyed it. Great love story Mar 03, Vinson Fortin rated it really liked it.

First of all, maganda ang pagkakasulat. Second, ang ganda ng characterization ng author sa mga characters, lalo na kay Terrence. Napahanga niya ako kung pano dalhin ng author sa mga salita niya ang bawat nangyayari sa kuwento. Maganda ang bawat pagkakagawa ng mga scenes.

Bihasa talaga sa pagsusulat si Jessica Concha. Isa lang sa mga nakita ko na hindi naman masyadong negative is that, hindi masyadong nadevelop ang bawat character sa isa't isa. Kumbaga hindi sila masyadong nagpakita na gusto nila First of all, maganda ang pagkakasulat.

Kumbaga hindi sila masyadong nagpakita na gusto nila ang isa't isa. Naka-focus masyado yong kuwento sa everyday life ni Sha at hindi tinutok sa mismong love story nila.

Siguro may point ang pagkakaroon ng book 2, nabigyan ng hustisya. Sana lang na attach pa sila sa isa't isa.

Mas binigyan ng exposure silang dalawa na alone or yong kilig moments nila, kaunti lang kasi. Overall, maganda ang story. Thumbs up. Worth the time time I spent reading. Posing as angels, they terrify King Richard by telling that his murder of his nephews means that he is condemned to hell, leaving him with a burden of guilt and terror of damnation that lasts throughout his reign.

Endless Summer, Book 2 Choices

They visit the queen, their mother, in sanctuary at Westminster, intending to convince her of Chip and Alex's death, but instead Chip and Alex rejoin their tracers which mark out the events of original time and Jonah and Katherine are removed from time to a time hollow, where they and JB watch the next two years, from to Jonah and Katherine are sent to the Battle of Bosworth Field and manage to convince King Richard to give up his crown in favor of Edward Chip , but he is killed in battle and Chip and Alex are almost killed, before Jonah and Katherine manage to convince them to come home.

They return to the time cave, and then go home. JB soon shows up at Chip's house and explain to him, Alex, Jonah and Katherine that Chip was never meant to be king and that Richard III was meant to be a villain for the sake of furthering humanity's moral development, as the incident with his nephews had made the murder of children no longer acceptable as an option for those involved in governance.

JB then tells the four that he wants Jonah and Katherine to help the next missing child, Andrea Crowell, return to her place in history.

Sent was released on August 25, In this third volume of the series, Jonah and Katherine return Andrea, identified as the missing child Virginia Dare , to , her correct time period from where she was kidnapped; she had been taken while in the process of burying the people and animals of the Lost Colony of Roanoke as per Croatoan Indian custom and had to finish the job, otherwise the island's legacy would poison relations between the Jamestown colonists who would be arriving in a few years and the local Native Americans and cause the colony to fail, creating major damage to history.

During Jonah, Katherine and Andrea's time journey, the device used for their time travel, called an Elucidator, is lost, causing the children to arrive at Croatoan Island in not certain as to where or when they are.

They discover that a man visited Andrea and wrongly convinced her to type in a code on the Elucidator which made it disappear, telling her it would take her back to the day her parents died, so she could rescue them. Eventually, they discover that they made it to Roanoke Island in , and go to Croatoan Island.

In the process, Andrea saves a man from drowning, who they discover is her grandfather, John White. Jonah, Katherine, and Andrea find that their attempt to fix time by sending Andrea back is being thwarted by a man who calls himself Second. Second is a projectionist computer simulation and prediction specialist for the time agency that may have messed up time forever. While on Croatoan Island , Andrea changes time itself and is reunited with her grandfather as Virginia Dare.

Second appears and Jonah and Katherine are saved by JB, only to be hurled into another time Sabotaged was released on August 24, Jonah and Katherine land on the decks of Henry Hudson 's ship, called the Discovery , moments before a mutiny in the early 17th century.

Jonah and Katherine must survive being on the 17th century boat, [17] with unlikely help from two of the sailors. Hudson is trying to find the Northwest Passage that would connect Europe and Asia by way of the Americas.

A mutiny takes place on the ship, the Discovery, soon after they arrive, and they, along with Hudson and his officers, are banished into the cold bay.

But instead of the original version they remember, the boat returns for them, led by the first mate. When they find out that Second has disguised himself as Hudson's first mate and has murdered one of them, Jonah and Katherine have a harrowing time, and then relive the mutiny and banishment, except time splits, showing 1 version that they already lived the return of the ship , and 1 that they live now continued banishment, the original version.

They escape the boat after a docking and manage to get into the Damaged Time of It then turns out that Second sent John Hudson to John Hudson, called Dalton Sullivan in the 21st century, was already in , living in England.

JB then concludes that Second unraveled time from to , made his own new, alternate universe and is sealing it off completely from others. JB then sends everyone to the 21st century, where they can live in peace, for a while.

Torn was released on August 23, They are subsequently transported to Albert Einstein 's apartment in Bern in August , just before his wife Mileva enters with a telegram from her parents in Novi Sad , Serbia informing them that their daughter Lieserl , [20] who was left with Mileva's parents, is very ill with scarlet fever.

As Mileva enters the apartment, she bumps into Jonah, who has commanded his Elucidator to make him and Katherine invisible; he drops the device, which has made itself look like a compass to disguise itself, and Mileva picks it up. Jonah and Katherine, still invisible, poke through the Einsteins' private papers after they go to bed, and then follow Mileva through the streets of Bern onto the train to Novi Sad in the morning.

On the train, Mileva becomes aware of their presence. They then follow Mileva to her parents' house and conceal themselves in Lieserl's room for about a month. Then Emily, one of the other girls from the time cave, appears in the room, telling Jonah and Katherine she was sent back by JB, who told her she would find out what she needed to know when she arrived at her destination.

Just before Mileva enters the room, Jonah persuades Emily to merge with her tracer as Lieserl in order to conceal herself. Mileva, demanding that Jonah and Katherine cure her daughter, takes Lieserl and leads them out into the nearby woods; she uses the Elucidator to render them visible, and is chagrined to find they are only children. Emily, unable to endure Lieserl's high fever and shortness of breath any longer, then separates from the tracer, causing Mileva to go into hysterics, until Jonah tells her that Lieserl is not dead, and introduces Mileva to Emily as Lieserl.

When Mileva tries to show Albert the year-old Emily, time freezes in as well, but not Mileva, since she skipped time to when Albert arrived. They are all sent, along with Emily, to a place outside of time, called a time hollow.

Mileva freezes everyone there using the Elucidator and then watches her whole life, Emily's life, and learns English to understand how time travel worked. Then she unfreezes only Jonah and allows him to come with her and save time. Jonah lets Mileva keep the Elucidator when she returns to her time, which allows her to later send her demented son, Tete Einstein , to the future as a baby, where he grows up to become JB.

Caught was released on September 3, Everybody except Chip is arrested upon arrival, who rescues Jonah and Katherine and discovers that Yakov Yurovsky intends to kill the Romanovs.

How to Publish a Book and Sell Your First 1,000 Copies

Yurovsky successfully lures the imperial family into the cellar and proceeds with the killings. Gary and Hodge, who tricked Gavin and escaped from time prison, try to send all of them, including Maria Romanova and Leonid Sednev , to the future as babies, but they escape, though significantly younger. Terrence volunteered and he later reasoned out that he couldn't let their school lose at something that is as eventful as the championship game.

You probably know where it brought him. He suddenly collapsed during the game and he was confined. This was his first confinement. Where Terrence kissed Shaylie for the first time He also confessed that she's the reason why he's been getting an asthma attacks lately.

March 2 came. Shaylie was supposed to surprise Terrence with a Mongolian Barbecue Steak meal but it turned out Shaylie was the one who got surprised when she found out Terrence had been discharged. She stormed off to Quinteros house only to found out from Tjay that his brother wasn't there. Shaylie looked everywhere Terrence could possibly be.

Her last resort was the church. And there, she found him. Limping and couldn't even stand properly. They sat there and Terrence was breathing so fast. He held her hands. There, they had their last conversation. Terrence's last words were, "Y-yeah, I guess I will. I cried so hard last night reading it. It actually felt like I was Shaylie. Like I was the one being left behind. I know this review didn't explain it any further.Jonah and Katherine must survive being on the 17th century boat, [17] with unlikely help from two of the sailors.

You want your child to have positive associations with reading, so if you are feeling tense or your child is resisting, consider setting the book aside and returning to it later. And I thought, was he feeling it? I know he's tired but I kind of expected he would fight more. March 2 came. Nov 28, Cham Perez rated it it was amazing.

Also this book makes me cry. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.