cover-comics-buck-dannylintgrale-. Export to PDF . Jean-Michel Charlier, and Victor Hubinon, Buck Danny is in the pantheon of. Buck danny comics pdf Buck danny comics pdf Buck danny comics pdf DOWNLOAD! DIRECT DOWNLOAD! Buck danny comics pdf Buck. Buck Danny is a Franco-Belgian comics series about a military flying ace and . BDFR - BUCK DANNY - 40 - Ghost resgoderfita.ml MB | LINK.

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Buck Danny One Shot - tome 1 - Buck Danny int One Shot noir/blanc. Filesize: MB. Reviews. This kind of pdf is almost everything and made me. 5 days ago Defcon One Buck Danny - [Free] Defcon One Buck Danny [PDF] [EPUB] Buck Danny is a. Franco-Belgian comics series about a military flying. Buck Danny Lintegrale Hubinon Victor - [Free] Buck Danny Lintegrale Hubinon Victor [PDF] [EPUB] -. BUCK DANNY LINTEGRALE

Only to find out that 'the other side' operates a similar squadron of Mig 29 jet fighters. Although the story was less controversial: the fight against cocaine traffickers, it still showed the U. S maintaining an uneasy alliance with a local dictator and dared to give a little background on WHY so many farmers in Mantegua chose to cultivate coca rather than foodcrops.

In a plot twist Charlier would be proud of however the real culprit is an international ring of criminals run -again- by Lady X. Unlike Charlier, this time they are in cahoots with criminal elements on the Navy aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower who use their supply aircraft to fly the drugs from Mantegua to the US.

Cindy resurfaced in the 'forbidden zone' albums as a pilot in the same transport squadron of the traffickers and played an important part in unmasking the plot.

She has cameos and minor roles in all of the following adventures and could be considered the fourth 'man' on the team in a way Susan Holmes was in the 'Black Dragon' adventures.

However even as Cindy will occasionally get into trouble and have to be rescued by Buck, she is an accomplished pilot and definitely capable of taking care of herself. After the Mantegua adventure four more albums followed, each a closed adventure and each again situated against the backdrop of real-life events and so from to Buck and his friends have to rescue a downed pilot from South Korea, uncover sabotage and political power play in the F22 testing program, uncover illegal mining in the Antarctic and find a CIA agent investigating a ring of gun-runners in Afghanistan.

The most important change is however in the behavior of Sonny Tuckson who more than often reacts with outrage to perceived injustice. About twice as long as Charlier and Hubinon took. This shows in the artwork: planes, ships and other technical details are as realistic as ever and the characters, especially Buck, do not only seem to be realistically drawn but also lifelike, compared to the sometimes wooden face and straight-as-a-rod postures drawn by Hubinon.

Lamy is known up to now for drawing the realistic western comic strip 'Colt Walker while Zumbiehl bursted into the scene in with the one-shot album Team Rafale : a yarn about industrial espionage and economic warfare surrounding the Rafale fighter.

In lay-out, Rafale closely follows the later Bergese albums with their combination of flying, crime and politics and, apart of the flying taking part in a French plane for the French military, similarity between this album and Buck Danny is abound. According to Dupuis, a new album, the 53'rd of the series, is in the make and is scheduled for late or Reason for this is unknown. The ships and bases where the adventures take place are also very close to reality most are American, but a Russian and a French aircraft carrier have also been depicted, as well as real American bases.

Certain events were also taken more or less directly from reality, when the censors allowed it; examples include the Korean War, the Bosnian War and the War in Afghanistan. More often, Charlier simply invented entire countries, thus allowing him to take greater liberties with the story. Since the Vietnam War , for example, had been declared off-limits by French censors, Charlier wrote the " Return of the Flying Tigers " story arc to take place in the fictional country of Vien-tan.

The realism of the series is also enhanced by short definitions or explanations of technical terms, such as radar or Radio direction finding. For this the authors often use separate texts, diagrams, drawings and schemes.

Novels also often contain technical or historical notes, and at other times, English aviator jargon such as "Scramble" or "Overshoot" is translated into French for the readers' benefit. Although in the course of 60 years of stories Buck Danny is promoted from simple pilot to squadron leader, captain and colonel Tumbler is promoted to major after Fire From Heaven while Tuckson seems to stay captain forever since his promotion in S.

Flying Saucers! From the first album on, Hubinon always drew Buck Danny with a realistic, weathered face and a military crew cut for his blond hair. Like this his visible age has always been somewhere between 25 and Likewise his companions Tumbler and Tuckson have kept their same look throughout the series.

So Tumbler appears just as weathered ageless as Buck Danny, with Sonny Tuckson's round face and distinctive flock of red hair his not aging becomes apparent. This cannot be said of Lady X, Buck biggest antagonist in many albums, who although still as beautiful as vicious as ever also gets some more lines in her face. Furthermore, in the series of three episodes following World War II that finds the heroes in the Middle East, one of the negative characters is Jewish, named "Bronstein," and depicted in a manner reminiscent of the antisemitic strips of the World War II era.

It is only in the s that youth commissions, notably in France, insisted on the non-stereotyping of characters. By the s, the series in fact alluded to racial tensions in the US as part of its story arcs, with Buck Danny taking a strong stance against discrimination and racism, such as in the album "Les Anges bleus" The Blue Angels. Characters[ edit ] From left to right: Tumbler, Tuckson and Danny as drawn on the back cover of the original publication albums.

Together, they participate in many dangerous missions, their adventures taking them all over the world. In missions ranging from the Korean War in the s to the Balkan War in , they prove themselves as true defenders of the United States of America. Colonel Buck Danny: Buck Danny is the title character, and his rank advances fastest throughout the series however, he never attains a rank higher than Colonel , as this would remove him from the status of active pilot.

He represents the stereotypical fighter pilot tall, blond haired, athletic, and rather handsome and also the ideal leader; strict but fair, brave but level-headed, tough but easily approachable, an unquestioned patriot, and loyal to a fault. In the comics, Danny is described many times as "the best pilot in the Navy.

He is nevertheless an excellent pilot, and has proven himself to be extremely capable in combat situations. In recent books, he is known to decorate his planes by painting a skull and crossbones on the tail. He is also the most loyal and risk-taking of the three, and is often willing to violate orders and ignore the chain of command to help a friend in danger. Major Jerry "Tumb" Tumbler: Tumbler is the least well developed of the characters, and also the most serious, cynical and suspicious of the three heroes.

Chain smoking, he serves mainly as a foil for Buck Danny's character. The two were antagonists when they first met in China; Tumbler, a veteran in the Flying Tigers, resented the fact that Danny, who had just come in from the Navy, was promoted to squadron commander before him. This feeling faded away when Danny saved Tumb's life from the Japanese at great risk to his own; they, along with Sonny, have been best friends ever since.

In later albums like "Ghost Squadron" his contribution becomes more elaborated. He is also known to be the captain of the carrier U.

Eisenhower, one in which the core trio are usually stationed onboard. He is known to be arrogant at times but also a respected, talented, and effective military commander.

In Ghost Squadron he tags along with Sonny when he is transferred to a top secret land-based flying outfit. She is a world-class pilot who was once "the fastest woman in the world," and is today a beautiful, mysterious and unscrupulous mercenary. She often works as a spy or secret agent, gathering information or running sabotage operations for the highest bidder including foreign powers, the Mafia , drug cartels, nefarious business conglomerates and various terrorists and dictators.

However, she has also at times been called upon for more hands-on tasks, as in the "Return of the Flying Tigers" story arc, where she is put in command of an Asian despot's air force.

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She has been reported dead many times during the series, but invariably resurfaces to the dismay of Danny, Tumbler and Tuckson. For sure, Lady X hates Buck's guts and would happily see him dismissed from the Navy as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, some remarks by her and Buck in "Buck Danny against Lady X" and "Mission Apocalypse" point out she and Buck seem to know each other and share some common history of hatred and even love.

He is secretly a traitor for the Japanese and a member of the Black Dragon Society , whose goal is to create a pan-Asian empire led by Japan and free of Western influence. His main objective in the story is to prevent Danny and Tuckson from bringing the Flying Tigers the plans for the Allied offensive in Burma. He and his Black Dragon superiors commit suicide at the end of Attack in Burma to avoid falling into Allied hands.

Although he only appears in the "Flying Tigers" story arc, Mo is an iconic figure in the franchise. Although as good a pilot as Danny, Tumbler or Tuckson, Holden's impulsiveness, fondness for the bottle, confrontational nature and lack of respect for authority have made it harder for him to progress through the ranks; this is occasionally a sore point between him and Danny.

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Buck Danny Hors Série - tome 1 - Les oiseaux noirs 1/2

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Buck Danny

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