SAP FI/CO—Questions and Answers. SAP FI/CO—Questions What are the ' Solutions' Currently Available from SAP? What is the Significance of the 'SAP NetWeaver' Platform? . Performance: Upload/Download. AL 95 . Top 50 SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers Pdf SAP Finance and Controlling (FICO) is the most broadly adopted SAP modules. SAP FICO module . Answers Pdf By Siva Pidugu | January 8th, | SAP FICO Interview Questions | 0 Comments. 1. What Is The Report Painter? Answer: The report painter is a.

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00 REAL TIME SAP FICO INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. mdanwar rahmani. Uploaded by. Mdanwar Rahmani. Download with Google Download. Download SAP FICO 1 SAP FI stands for Financial Accounting and it is one of important Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies® England. 18 Question 4 SAP-FICO Interview Questions answers Certification. PDF. The main goal of this SAP fico interview SAP FICO Interview Questions on Decade Study Howard S Friedman Sl Operators ManualAjaya.

How does the special GL balances are shown in the balance sheet? Why do we give different posting keys for different transactions? Sales Cycle in Integration corresponding accounting entries, and exactly at which point they will get affected? Can we make postings to a vendor using the customer posting keys?

If yes how? Or if no.

Can we print a same check twice in a single payment run? How many variants we can create at a time in APP? Where do we give the variants in APP? How can you restrict the check printing to a particular location and particular user in case of multiple branch setups? Explain 2 business scenarios which do you feel have considerable significance and what kind of solutions did you offer while working on the projects?

About previous experience and duration. Is it possible to give a depreciation key to multiple depreciation areas?

Can different currencies be given to different depreciation areas? Is it possible to deal with customer receipts in APP? How do we do the configuration? Why do we require parallel currencies? Do we give currency to chart of accounts? Is it possible to have different currencies for GL accounts under one chart of accounts? If yes, what is the significance?

How many posting periods can be given? What is the purpose of special posting periods? How many interest types are available? What is the need for balance interest calculation and maintenance of settings, in case a financier decides on interest rates and loan repayment due dates etc. How many currencies can be given to a GL account?

Warehouse number— An alphanumeric key that represents a warehousing system, which is made up of different organizational and technical storage areas. Storage type— An area such as a goods receipt area, goods issue area, or picking area.

Also the physical or logical division of a complex warehouse. downloading organization—An organizational unit that procures materials and services and negotiates with vendors to download materials or goods.

SAP FICO REAL TIME INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Hands On Tips For Cracking The Interview

downloading group— An alphanumeric key for a downloader or a group of downloaders who are involved in downloading activities.

The downloading group is responsible for materials procurement and dealing with vendors.

Can you manually create download requisition with reference to documents such as download order or scheduling agreement? Answer: No, download requisition cannot be created with either of these as it is an internal document which is controlled by download organization.

Answer: Put quite simply, experience: we are already ahead of the game by being one of the first implementers in North America if not the world to be participating in upgrade and implementation efforts for MDM What about Standard Edition Initiate users?

Answer: — Organizations currently using Standard Edition Initiate will be majorly impacted by MDM version 11, because this upgrade means they will have an entirely new technology platform to migrate to, which includes the WebSphere Application Server. This can realize performance advantages if the virtual entities are made up of many member records.

Where can I get SAP Placement Papers and Aptitude Questions?

Also, there is then the ability to decorate the physical entity with additional attributes that come in the Advanced Edition platform such as Privacy Preferences, Campaign History, and Hierarchies to name a few. This scenario allows an organization to progress along their MDM journey if they have requirements to do so.

However, with that said it is very important for clients that want to transition from Standard to Advanced Edition to leverage partners that have expertise in both of those platforms. How does this impact a business-end user? How does this impact an IT user?

Important SAP FICO Interview Questions Recently Asked By IBM, HCL Companies

Answer: A number of things stand out: 1. OSGi 3.

Improved MDM 11 workbench 4. Much smaller code base to track — just customized projects — the end result being a much smaller deployable artifact 5.

Enforced security 6.

Streamlined installation — basically same for workbench and server which helps to improve the experience for the developer who also performs installation 7. Batch processor improvements 8. Initiate users gain the benefits of a Event notification b Address standardization via QS 8. Answer: Application for quotation is a sort of invitation that is given to merchants to present reference showing pricing and their terms and circumstances.

RFQ holds aspects regarding goods or assistance, date of delivery quantity and date of bid on which it is to be presented. Answer: MRP file is the primary working record of which the MRP controller begins accomplishing, and it consists of tracing results data for the material. What problems does this upgrade solve?

Answer: Version 11 promises to deliver improved efficiency by integrating the standard and advanced editions — basically combining the traditional MDM and the Initiate Master Data Service — which means a number of duplicated functions are removed.Table type Transparent table, set it as a default c Make the necessary entries in the short description and delivery classified on the Attributes page.

Answer: Scrap variance are calculated by valuating the scrap quantities with the amount of the actual costs less the planned scrap costs. A controlling area is assigned to the operating concern. Finally attach this model order in the internal order type in the field reference order. Most ALE solutions are custom built with very little re-usability and scalability. Business area is at client level.

Venu Undavilli.

The estimate grouping code is managed per plant and is configured in the MM module.